Take One For The Team

Drugs, that is. I've been meaning to post this one from Mind Hacks for a few weeks:
From the entry on p45 for the SSRI anti-depressant citalopram (trade name 'Cipramil') in The Psychotropic Drug Directory 2001/02 by Stephen Bazire (ISBN 1856421988): "The green and yellow 20mg pack in the UK has led to increased use among football supporters in the author's home city of Norwich."

You read that correctly - soccer fans in Norwich City are taking medication based on the fact that the colors on the box match the colors of the local soccer team. I can't imagine why they're depressed... Get a life people! And this is coming from someone named YodaYid.


p.s. I wonder what would happen if they packaged estrogen supplements in those colors. How far does team loyalty go over there?

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Amishav said...

Laxatives? probably not-

Viagra? absolutely!