The Brilliant Battlestar

I got back into Battlestar Galactica a few weeks ago (I finally caught up). The 3rd season is AWESOME so far. The end of the 2nd season was a little slow up until (but not including) the last episode of the season, and I was getting a little worried that the show was losing its way. Hell no. It's back, and it's been as intense and complex as ever. The double length episodes that ended season 2 and started season 3 are nothing short of epic. If I'm gushing, it's because I was really worried that BSG would devolve into soap operatics and just drag on until its death by cancellation or whatever. I'm not worried anymore. Welcome back, Battlestar Galactica!


p.s. This is my 200th post since moving to Blogger :-) I was going to make a special 200th post, but honestly, who gives a s--t? I had 279 posts on my old LJ site, so this actually makes 479 total posts. Maybe I'll do a special 500th post, but honestly, I probably won't remember :-P.

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yitz said...

i was about to congratulate you on kicking my butt.. i have only 148 posts on my blog. but then i looked at my old livejournal.. 924 entries.. when did i ever have that much time??? not including my personal web journal before LJ existed and before blogging had a name, (which must have had a couple of hundred entries), in six years i've blogged over 1072 times. I'm definitely slowing down in my old age. I'd chalk it up to being married and not blogging about my personal life anymore (since it doesn't only affect myself).. i hope you are similarly afflicted in the near future, well before you can catch up to my blogging streak. actually, i wonder how we stack up compared to everyone else in frisch.. blogging-wise. talk about useless comparisons..