My Grandmother Passed Away

On Monday, my maternal grandmother passed away rather suddenly. I was fairly close to her, and the whole thing was even tougher because my aunt (her daughter) just passed away less than a year ago. Losing a child is devastating, and even though I know my grandmother wanted very much to stick around and be with the family, I think my aunt's death took a tremendous emotional toll that significantly weakened my grandmother.

Anyway, she was an incredibly sweet woman who only wanted the best for her family, and her passing is definitely a huge void in my family. May she rest in peace.



Mihai said...

I am sorry to hear that. I know how hard it is to lose somebody you love.

yitz.. said...

baruch dayan emet.. i've lost both of my living great-grandmothers and that was tough.. i don't know what it's like to lose a grandmother.. i'm sure you're going through a lot.

Anonymous said...

We lost our grandfather during my senior year at Cooper. I say "we" because my dad's family is so big and so close that the time we spent together mourning, in the month of Ramadan, no less, was very comforting. I hope you and your family similarly find comfort in each other in your mourning.

YodaYid said...

I'd like to thank everyone who has commented/called/e-mailed and otherwise gotten in touch with me to express their sympathy. Sad occasions like this remind me to never take my family or friends for granted, and I really appreciate hearing from all of you. I hope to hear and bear only happy news in the future.