Letting the Cat out of the Bag

This blog was never "really" anonymous, but I've decided to "out" myself... perhaps against my better judgement. Why? Because I made Gawker, baby! :-)

Anyway, I'm Daniel Tsadok - nice to meet you!


p.s. My brand spanking new homepage has been Gawker'ed. D'oh!


yitz.. said...


i see that you ran your post through the cliche detector before posting.. which was a little sad for me.. because i couldn't point out any hypocrisy.. other than '[something], baby!' and 'd'oh' are cliches you should be testing for ;)

anyways, i'm glad i can safely refer to you by name now.

YodaYid said...

I actually didn't run this post through the program ;-) Now that I think of it, I didn't even actually give the link to the program in my main post...

Anyway, as I'm plan on clarifying in a new post, I only intended to detect those few clichés that Gawker listed on their original article. I think a lot of people were disappointed by the program in that sense... Oh yeah, "Letting the Cat out of the Bag" is probably a cliché too...

Anyway, the idea of writing a comprehensive cliché detector is mighty daunting. I guess I would have to link up with the excellent Cliché Finder.