Lawsuits, Lawsuits, Lawsuits

Seems like everyone's suing somebody these days...
  • KFC is threatening a tiny little pub in England over their use of the phrase "Family Feast".
  • Microsoft wants to sue various Open Source projects over patent infringement.
  • Some idiot is suing his dry cleaners for $67 million over lost pants.
    And the biggest lawsuit of all time:
  • Bank of America threatened to sue LaSalle Bank's parent company for $220 billion dollars if it didn't let BoA buy them. BoA is on an acquisition spree, and I guess this is the sort of tantrum they throw if they don't get their way. BoA is a horrible bank - avoid them like the plague.


    Omar said...

    Question on the previous BoA post. Did you close the account on them after they charged the late fee? Anytime a company cheats me and don't fix it, I usually let them know it and take my business elsewhere.

    YodaYid said...

    It's a credit card - I'm working on getting rid of it ;-)
    (Actually, it's a credit card that's associated with our mutual alma mater, so I do have some reason to keep it...)