Hacking Garfield

On Table of Contents today:
It's always fun when the Web hive-mind picks up on something, plays around with it, and eventually squeezes all the joy from it and leaves it in a corner of the laundry room to rot until moving day. The latest bit of shared play involves taking Garfield comics, and removing all of Garfield's dialogue, leaving a strip that's sometimes bogglingly surreal, sometimes just sad, and nearly always funnier. The progenitor of this trend may have been a livejournaler who decided he didn't like being linked by Boing Boing, so his discovery exists only in Google's cache, but the banner has since been taken up by the Something Awful forums and the Truth and Beauty Bombs forums. I'm excitedly counting the days until I'm sick to death of this!

They definitely change the whole dynamic of the comic. When the cat stops talking back, the cat owner seems much creepier (and sadder) all of a sudden. I don't know if they're funnier, though, because I don't have the originals on hand for comparison purposes, so I can't say one way or another. I'm definitely curious as to what the original jokes were for these, though!


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