IP Madness

Slashdot reports that Walmart is considering trademarking the yellow smiley face. I'm actually for it - there's something deliciously ironic about an evil corporation purchasing a smiley face. Be that as it may, it's another step in the descent into the IP (intellectual property) madness that has been going on these past few years (well before that as well, but not like this).

I wrote about this almost a year and a half ago when "I had to agree to some Terms and Conditions to read an electronic brochure about IBM Websphere".

Anyway, seeing as how absurd the situation is these days, I have an idea. We (the people) should start a corporation whose sole purpose is to trademark every day phrases so other people can't.

Really? Yes, Really.™ Why Not?™ Everyone is Doing It.™ You Could Too.™ Join Us Or Die.™

Catchy, huh?™


p.s.™ Sorry if this post got annoying towards the end, but That's My Point™.

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