Re-Re...Re-Releasing Star Wars

Lore Sjöberg has a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek take on Lucasfilm's announcement that they are re-releasing the original versions of the Star Wars trilogy in September (Limited Edition, of course). Now, the more cynical among us (myself and Sjöberg included) may wonder about the timing of such a release, seeing as how Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are just about upon us, making the new releases almost immediately irrelevant. More likely, we cynics groaned about the fact that they are not simply releasing the original trilogy, but the modified additions with the original version thrown in as "bonus material". Hmmmm. As Sjöberg puts it, "people who bought the special edition when they really wanted the original version will have to buy the special edition again, and people who didn't buy the special edition because they only care about the original version will have to pay more to get the special edition anyway! Yes! Use your aggressive feelings! Let the hate flow through you!" He then comes up with some hypothetical future re-releases, such as "The All-Wampa Edition". Check it out!


p.s. Lucas is really good at giving fans exactly what they want while completely pissing them off at the same time. It's his inner Palpatine, I guess...

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