"Sorry It Took So Long..."

These are some actual quotes from e-mails that I've received on JDate. Is it me?

  • "I'm sorry I dropped off the face of jdate and am only getting back to you now. If you'll forgive my tardiness I'd love to resume the conversation."

  • "I've been horrible! Sorry for taking so long to write."

  • "After an extended hiatus from J-date, I found this very old e-mail from you buried in my inbox."

  • "I completely lost track of our last correspondence."*

* This one came a month after the previous e-mail I had sent her.

More to the point, should I bother continuing these conversations? (To be fair, full membership on JDate, which gives you access to e-mail, is pretty expensive at $35/month, and at least one of them appears to be a simple cost-saving measure: she wasn't a full member when I e-mailed her. And JDate doesn't tell you if any given person is a full member who can your read your messages. The others though...)


p.s. If anyone strongly feels that this post is inappropriate, in the sense of my posting an e-mail intended only for me, I will take it down.

p.p.s. Yes I'm guilty of what I'm complaining about here ;-)

p.p.p.s. Totally off-topic - why does JDate have special rates for longer-term memberships? If they're giving me a discount if I order six months of JDate in advance, that doesn't exactly vouch for their efficacy. It's like "Yeah, you're going to be here for the long haul - you might as well pay up now." I thought the whole point ("mission", if you will) of JDate would seem to be to get off of JDate as soon as possible!


yitz.. said...

believe it or not I pray for you almost every day..

this week sunday-ish, it felt more successful than usual..

so I hope it helps and you don't have long to ponder these questions.

YodaYid said...

Thanks for keeping me in mind :-)