Adscape: Outdoor Ads By Neighborhood

Via Stay Free Daily - Alexis Lloyd's Adscape research project:
Advertising data was recorded from three neighborhoods in New York City: East Harlem, a historically poor, primarily Latino neighborhood; SoHo, a downtown shopping district; and the Upper East Side, a wealthy residential area.

Some interesting numbers emerge:

Alcohol & Tobacco

East Harlem: 12 ads
SoHo: 0 ads
Upper East Side: 0 ads

Books & Periodicals

East Harlem: 0 ads
SoHo: 30 ads
Upper East Side: 11 ads


East Harlem: 0 ads
SoHo: 7 ads
Upper East Side: 3 ads

Food & Beverage

East Harlem: 33 ads
SoHo: 13 ads
Upper East Side: 7 ads

Music & Movies

East Harlem: 15 ads
SoHo: 8 ads
Upper East Side: 0 ads

One of the Stay Free commenters (Charles Star) is suspicious of the numbers, particularly the drugs & alcohol ones - SoHo, the commenter argues, does indeed have ads for booze (it's definitely there in my neighborhood). However, said commenter has not read about the methodology:
In each neighborhood, ads were recorded in a five-block section that consisted of two avenue blocks and three adjacent street blocks.

Anyway, the one that strikes me as the most offensive is the lack of ads for books and education in East Harlem (although the alcohol and drugs ads targeting poor people is pretty bad too).

Also, note that the numbers include things like storefronts, not just billboards.

In any case, an interesting and provocative look at the ad biz in New York.


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