Get Back To Your Lamp!

AccessoryGenie (they pissed me off so they don't get a link, not that you couldn't figure it out) sent me an e-mail today with the subject "Thank you for your order". Since I haven't ordered from them in months, I was immediately alarmed - with identity theft rampant these days, who knows, right?   Perhaps someone broke into my account and ordered five grand worth of... accessories.  Anyway, obviously I opened the e-mail. And read this:

Thank you for your past order to www.AccessoryGenie.com
As our way of saying Thank You we have a ** GREAT July 4th Holiday SPECIAL***

Oh, am I pissed (or should I say, "they rubbed me the wrong way" or, "they better have a heavy stockpile of wishes right about now"). This is going to The Consumerist (who I just posted about), and I'm debating whether to tell them how scummy they are for pulling this.  And please don't try and say they didn't know what they were doing.  In the VERY unlikely chance that this was true, it means a major e-tailer is ignorant to the dangers of phishing and other forms of identity fraud.  Either way, this wisher is going to another genie.  Yeah.



Sir Phobos - Beater of Ass said...

Jesus, you are an idiot. Please do the world a favor and do not continue and/or begin to breed. And for the love of Zeus buy yourself a mac, get an AOL account and stick to the shallow end of the net, it just confuses us to see one of you roamin out in the open. Don't make me get my net and haul you back to the rubber room.

Does it physically hurt to be an incompetent moron with zero internet savvy?

YodaYid said...

Hmmm I'm guessing, since you didn't address a thing I wrote in my post, that you are a bot. I'm not sure what your purpose is, but you clearly do not come in peace. I only published your incoherent ranting for the amusement of myself and my readership.

Anonymous said...

Incoherent? You published contrived dribble expressing how hurt you are that a company sent you a promotional email and it was oh so confusing to you that you thought someone stole your identity. You are a moron. I would say my response to your stupidity was not only on par, but well deserved.

How pathetically ignorant do you have to be to confuse a thank you email and advertisement for identity theft? And my god, how bored and lonely are you that you feel the need to write such garbage. And you have such technical prowess that you did in fact link to the site. Wow, you are a real winner buddy. Kudos to you. And then despite using CAPTCHA you think I am a bot. Yes someone wrote an advanced bot to not only visually recognize distorted characters, but also comment on your stupidity. It was a massive undertaking, but finally after years of research, we have developed a program that can tell you what an idiot you are. As I said before, don't go out and breed. What a tard.

YodaYid said...

Yeesh - I knew there was a reason I turned on moderation... I believe a comic is in order (NSFW).

You are giving too much credit to Captcha's. Also, since your first post was so irrelevant, and could apply to any blog post written by anyone on any topic, I assumed some 14 year old kid used a spider to post such nonsense on every blog. Since you actually addressed the content in my post this time, I'll concede that you are at least somewhat human.

I got an email saying "Thank you for your order." I did not make a order. That's the kind of e-mail I would get if I had made an order. I found this confusing. And I think it was irresponsible of AccessoryGenie to send out a letter like that. Hopefully the subtlety of this logic is not lost on you.

And with that, this conversation is over. No more flaming will be published from you.