UPS vs. FedEx - Incompetency Showdown

So I'm expecting two packages these days - one via UPS and one via FedEx. The UPS one came to my building yesterday, but to the wrong apartment. Why? Because I'm on the 3rd floor, and the sender decided to put the floor as well as the apartment on the address label, confusing the nice delivery-person. Meanwhile, FedEx keeps trying to send the package to Brooklyn (and getting a "Delivery Exception", according to the tracking website). I don't live in Brooklyn. The address doesn't say Brooklyn. The ZIP CODE doesn't say Brooklyn. Yet for some reason, they are trying very hard to give someone in Brooklyn my somewhat expensive purchase. So FedEx wins the incompetency showdown for now, but that's just because I gave up on the UPS package and told them I'd pick it up myself...


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Anonymous said...

Right now UPS has won my imcompetency battle .. having delivered my package to an address 5 houses down from me which happened to be empty and the package subsequently disappeared .. and for dropping off a package at my home on my front porch when I wasn't home for the previous tenant.