Helter S'Coulter

Hey Coulter fans! Are you running low on hate and bile that you need to get you through the day? If so, check out The Coulter/Hitler Quiz! Who said it? Anne Coulter? Or Adolph Hitler (yemach shemo*)? Don't ask me - I got a score of zero!

* See halfway down linked article for an explanation of that phrase.


p.s. The Headline/Title/Subject is a reference to Helter Skelter, a book about the Manson murders. The title comes from the fact that Charles Manson saw the Beatles' song of the same name as a prophecy of a race war to come in the future (it was in fact about an amusement park ride).


DAG said...

Thats juts a silly questionaire..could be donw tih Franken or Carter.....

YodaYid said...

"Agitators", "vile", "scoundrels", "scum", "liars", "traitors". It is well known that Hitler spent years slandering and dehumanizing the Jews before he was able to act against them. He created an entire apparatus of propaganda to this effect. It was by using words like these that he was able to succeed. Whatever merits Coulter's arguments may have become irrelevant as soon as she uses the same techniques to dehumanize her opponents. I'm italicizing that word because that's precisely the difference between an argument designed to enlighten and an argument designed to destroy ("arguments for the sake of Heaven").

By the way, comparing Franken and Carter with whom, exactly? Who is your great villain here?