News From the North

I got this e-mail from my mom's cousin (and clearance to share it, but I initialized names, since some of them are on active duty over there):

Hi Cousins!

Just wanted to update you all on what is really going on in this part of the hemisphere... I mean, you can't always trust the CNN (Certainly Not News) channel!

I guess the only word to describe this situation is W-A-R. As you probably have realized, the Hizbollah is a front for greater threats—Syria and Iran.

My sons D (now a captain in Givati) and A (in Golani) are in Gaza. S (Border Police) was brought to our area with the reinforcement troops. And T, who is a combat rescue and biological warfare officer, is guarding a "sensitive" location "somewhere" in the Haifa vicinity.

I left my home yesterday (that was still standing as I pulled out) and drove by myself to B's. I had never driven this far by myself before, but terror and fear can do wonders for all those little phobias I seemingly developed over the years. Did you know that Mazda 3's really do go up to 140 kmh??? :-) Especially when I drove past Karmiel and Meron... With one eye on the road. and the other fixed on the sky, I felt like I was in some science fiction movie during an alien invasion. :-0 Beam me up, Scottie and Warp 10 me outta here!!!

I had stayed home in Avivim until yesterday, despite everything, until it became really too dangerous to do so. I mean, I thought it would be over - or at least a bit better - in a few days, like always. Was I ever wrong. The Bad Guys shoot over mortars, anti-aircraft, and katyusha rockets. Most miss but they come close enough to shake you up a bit! And then we retaliate by shooting from tanks (the ones next to my house!!!), and live fire from Blackhawk helicopters (thrilling), and more. You get to be an expert after a while and can distinguish the different types of fire, but you still can't catch much sleep even with the TV turned way up!

But, I HAD to leave beacuse the electronic fence that guarded the border was down and the attempted infiltrator (and we know what his intentions were) were shot dead opposite my house, before my eyes. The terrorist was wearing a UN uniform and drove a UN vehicle. I performed the actions I had drilled so many times with the kids, in case of an infiltration. The next morning (was it really only yesterday???), a katyusha landed almost in my back yard. It was time to go! I can take a hint!
It is so nice to be with B and G during times like this. (I am writing this email from Bev's computer.) I feel as though I am on a different planet. People work, sleep, take showers, etc. I am so lucky to have such a great family. S and C have called several times, and B and D have sent encouraging email letters. We appreciate them!!! Thank you!!!

In the meantime, let's continue to pray that this will be over soon and not escalate into something even larger Let us pray for all the soldiers' safety, and for the state and nation of Israel.



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