Random Kvetching

You know what ticks me off? When I get a bill, and they write on the envelope "Are you sure you wrote your account number on the check?" Actually, I did not write my account number on the check. I included the receipt or stub or whatever it is you asked me for, which has the account number, and it's right there next to the check. If you're so worried about mixing up my check, write the account number on it yourself. I'm not doing your freaking paperwork for you, even if you offer to pay me the minimum wage you're paying whatever poor office drones are processing my check. Honestly, I used to actually fall for this crap and write out some 8 digit number to help them keep track of my payment. Like that's my problem. Yeesh.


p.s. Just had to get that out of my system - you may continue whatever it is you were doing...

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