High On Hypnosis

Mind Hacks reports on an interesting study about "an extended nondrug MDMA-like experience evoked through posthypnotic suggestion". It seems like you have to have taken the drug (i.e. had the experience) first - it may then be possible to fool the brain into reliving that experience, as it were:
Twelve participants received posthypnotic instructions to re-experience an MDMA-like state posthypnotically, similar to one in their prior experience, for one hour. Three separate self report measures and qualitative self reports showed that the posthypnotic condition effectively mimicked an MDMA-like experience, lasting an hour at a stable level.
I have to say, this sounds promising. I just wish I knew what that promise is...


p.s. One reason I love Mind Hacks: headlines like "Beautiful 19th century papier mache brain".

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