How To Make A Website Without Really Trying

There seems to be a mildly disturbing new trend in Web 2.0 land these days. There seems to be a lot of websites out there that are simply a collection of links, plus advertising. At the risk of turning this post into one of those meta-sites, here are a few that I noticed:
  • Top 100 Links for Web Designers (Inserit Blog). This one is there to draw traffic to their product, so there's no advertising on this page.

  • The Movie Box - this site seems to be mostly links to trailers on other sites. There's a "headlines" section that appears to be empty.

  • Patchbox - Creative Links (may not be NSFW). This one is actually cute, and doesn't seem to have an ulterior motive, but it still ends up being just another list of links, albeit a very pretty and well designed one.

  • Top 100 game sites: http://www.top100gamesites.com/ I'm not putting in a hot link because it's a really egregious example of what I'm talking about. Popups and all sorts of nasty advertising await you, and for what? So you can access yet another aggregator.

  • Finally (all I have patience to look for), in super-meta fashion, there's Top Site Lists:
    Topsites are an amazing way to generate mass free web site traffic and build community awareness. Website ranking sites are some of the highest trafficked websites on the internet. Topsites will help you tap into this market by letting you run your own top site. Watch as webmasters link to you and your website traffic builds - all for free.
    Of course, Top Site List will put a half page of Google advertising in front of your list (designed to make it unclear where the lists actually start). And the list members seem to get under a click a day, especially after a certain amount of scrolling. But hey, it's free!


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