Katrina One Year Later

I'm sticking to my conclusions that Katrina was anything but natural. I wrote about by initial reactions here, FEMA here, but what I'd like to reiterate is from my "2005 Suuuuucked" post:
Shortly afterward, Hurricaine Katrina. I mean, Holy S---. A major American city, rich with history and culture, all but wiped out. And one of the worst parts is that just about every aspect of the disaster could have been prevented. From the levees to the shockingly incompetent response to the obnoxious stonewalling by insurance companies, it brought out the worst in human nature.

When I say "just about every aspect of the disaster could have been prevented", there's a good case for saying that that includes the hurricaine itself. But even ignoring that, it's quite clear the American government failed the people of New Orleans in almost every possible way, at every stage (from preparation to prevention to crisis management to reconstruction, and everything in between).

The tragedy of Hurricaine Katrina will be remembered as a shameful chapter in America's history.


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