Why I Hate Gawker Stalker

No, not because its real-time stalking map is a horrible violation of people's privacy - it's because it shows how celebrities avoid my supposedly hip neighborhood of Gramercy like the plague:

I mean come on! True - there are no Upper West Side sightings either, but it's almost like celebrities are making a concerted effort to sidestep my 'hood.

If you take out #10 ("Serena Williams at Paragon Sports on Broadway and 18th"), it's like we're in celebrity quarantine or something.

My theory is that unlike residents of, say, SoHo or the Lower East Side, we Gramercerians don't feel the need to gush every time a mildly famous personage enters our sites.

So screw you Gawker Stalker - we don't need your stinkin' celebs! And my neighborhood is cool!

UPDATE: D'oh! I linked to the freakin' photo wrong, ruining the whole post! Which I'll admit, was of shaky quality to begin with...


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