Better... But Stop Thanking Me Anyway

Earlier this week, AccessoryGenie sent me another "Thank You" e-mail, this time with the subject line of "Regarding your order Thank You" (referring to a past order). I guess it's better than what I was kvetching about two months ago, when they sent me an e-mail that said "Thank You For Your Order" when I hadn't made one, which freaked me out a bit. Then today I got another e-mail from AccessoryGenie with the subject line "Thank you for your order L". That one came about because someone hacked my AccessoryGenie account and... no just kidding. I opened it up and saw the lines
Thank you for your past order to AccessoryGenie.com. As our way of saying Thank You we have a ** GREAT LABOR DAY SPECIAL***

Any one of those lines "Thank you for your PAST order", "Our way of saying thank you", "GREAT LABOR DAY SPECIAL", "ENLARGE Y@UR M@RT6A6E", etc etc, would have been fine subject lines, and I never would have brought it up.

Well, maybe if they had said something Yoda-like, such as "For Your Order, You, I Thank". I would have definitely brought that up, but in a good way. See AccGenie? See what you've lost? But I forgive you: "Thank you for my material".


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