Cartoons Revisited

A coworker forwarded me this yesterday:

Israeli group announces anti-Semitic cartoons contest!
February 14th, 2006

A Danish paper publishes a cartoon that mocks Muslims.
An Iranian paper responds with a Holocaust cartoons contest -
- Now a group of Israelis announce their own anti-Semitic cartoons contest!

Amitai Sandy (29), graphic artist and publisher of Dimona Comix Publishing, from Tel-Aviv, Israel, has followed the unfolding of the “Muhammad cartoon-gate” events in amazement, until finally he came up with the right answer to all this insanity - and so he announced today the launch of a new anti-Semitic cartoons contest - this time drawn by Jews themselves!

“We’ll show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published!” said Sandy “No Iranian will beat us on our home turf!”

The contest has been announced today on the www.boomka.org website, and the initiator accept submissions of cartoons, caricatures and short comic strips from people all over the world. The deadline is Sunday March 5, and the best works will be displayed in an Exhibition in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Sandy is now in the process of arranging sponsorships of large organizations, and promises lucrative prizes for the winners, including of course the famous Matzo-bread baked with the blood of Christian children.

Ummmm right. I happen to think it's a very funny concept/thought experiment/hypothetical. It would make a great Onion headline. But I'm not so crazy about the possibility of actually doing it. Not that I think it will make matters worse. A friend of mine told me that he thought it was bad timing. I doubt it - it's not like there would ever be good timing for something like this. As the jokesters behind this idea said:

In the last two days we’ve received hundreds of emails from all over the world. About 98% percent of them are from Jews saying: You’ve made us proud to be Jews (Or from non-Jews saying you’ve made me wish I was a Jew).

A few were concerened that real anti-semitists will use our cartoons to spread hate.

I don’t think they need us for that, they have no trouble inventing excuses for hate. Perhaps, if their crouds would see that Jews are drawing the same ridiculous cartoons, they might doubt the truthfulnessof these stupid cartoons.

Possibly - it's one those ideas that is so crazy that it just might work... but probably not.

And I believe Mr. Sandy has one more thing to say:
And finally, Arabs our are friends and hopefully one day we will all live in peace, and share our special Matzos with them.


p.s. Mmmmmmmmmmm...... special Matzos....

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