Does This Sort of Thing Happen To Other People?

So it's Friday night, I'm walking with my friend near Washington Square, and I see one of the "No Parking" posters on a lamppost, which they put up when they're filming something. So out of curiosity, I walk over to see what production it was (probably something stupid like "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" or "Third Watch", but hey). Just as I walk up to the lamppost, a guy walks to the other side of the lamppost, takes out a knife, and rips it off. Since the lamppost was large enough, neither of us saw each other while he was doing it, but it happened so fast that I didn't even see what had been filmed there (I assume he was taking it down because they were done filming).

Does this sort of weirdness happen to other people?

Also, last Friday, I was sitting on the PATH train waiting to get home when a blind man with a seeing eye dog started getting on the train. Just as he's going through the doors, a pigeon that had been in the train (something I didn't even notice beforehand) flew right by his head. He didn't even flinch. If it was me, I would jumped, at the very least. If I couldn't see, I would have probably freaked out. So I was really impressed. Anyway, everyone was staring at him, but I guess he didn't realize that... But that was just a surreal scene, to add to the weirdness of my day.

Just wanted to share :-)


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