I Just Wrote Me a Letter...

...to the New York Times, that is. I added a hyperlink to the editorial in question for your convenience. It's about those cartoons again...

Regarding your editorial "Silenced by Islamist Rage", you write that moderate Moslems "must make it clear to [Islamists] that blowing up mosques, beheading hostages and strapping on belts of explosives are far, far greater evils than a few drawings in a distant paper." This statement reflects a common misunderstanding on the part of Western culture - to the Islamists, this distinction between violent crime and religious crime simply does not exist. Blasphemy and desecration are seen as no less evil than violence and murder. Meaningful dialogue cannot occur as long as there is such radical misunderstanding.


p.s. The headline is a take on the song "The Letter", by The Box Tops.

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