To Rant, Press Three Now

Is it me, or are cellphone voicemail messages these days waaaay too long, through no fault of the phone owner? "To leave a callback number, press 5. To page this person, press 6. To whisper sweet nothings into the person's ear, press #." What happened to "It's YodaYid - you know what to do. (beep)". To me, that's more than enough. People know how to leave a message, and if they don't, they have no frickin' clue what any of those other options mean anyway. I don't need to hear a ten point plan for solving fiscal problems in developing countries. Just play the damn tone already! By the way, if you see me walking down the street yelling "BEEP" into my phone, now you know why...


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Anonymous said...

I first noticed this about 3 years ago trying to contact a friend who was on his way to meet us at the movies. At the time I found it annoying just because I was trying to stay in the conversation with my other friends but couldn't because it took so long to get to the beep.

On the flip side, it has also become annoying on some voice mail systems to check your messages. On my wife's voice mail, you have to press an extra button just to get the time and date stamp, then start listening to it again to get a chance to delete it and then have it ask you if you're sure you want to delete it before it finally moves on to the next message.

For those of you without Nextel, this really demonstrates the value of having the walkie-talkie feature ... being able to just get through to somebody in a matter of seconds.