Creepy Toothpaste Ad

(Warning: Link is not work safe)...

Below is the text from a creepy British toothpaste ad, via Stay Free Daily (it's "James", an eight year old boy, talking to his mother):

Mum, Did You Know...?
"Dirty teeth can kill you!" PREVENTDISEASE.com
"Bad diseases can start in your mouth?" abcNEWS.com
"Gum diseases can be an early pointer to Alzheimer's?"

Ja-a-ames, don't worry...
we use Beverly Hills Formula
active10 the new ultimate toothpaste
with ten health-promoting agents!

Now, so far this is just stupid and over-the-top, not creepy. But the picture accompanying the text has the boy walking in on his mother, who is completely naked in the shower (and the picture leaves very little to the imagination).

To quote Stay Free: "It is important to remember... that even if your mother is beautiful, there is nothing sexy about her. Then remember that it isn't actually her son. And his smile is really creepy."

And the point of this ad was what, exactly? Yeesh.


p.s. Mmmmmm... toothpaste.

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Anonymous said...

it's unbeleivable this ad.
the whole thing is a scam to make cheap stuff look expensive.
customer rip off rip off at the worst.