So Much to Blog, So Little Brain Cells With Which To Blog Them...

Lots to talk about today. First, and most important (actually, so important that the word "important" itself loses some of its meaning when compared to other things), it's my birthday! In honor of this momentous occasion, in which the earth has made yet another revolution around the sun, ending up in the same relative position that it was when I was born, I am going to post a hypothetical conversation between myself (YY) and myself ten years from now (YY+X). Enjoy!

YY: Hey, great to meet you.
YY+X: I can't say likewise, since I met you like ten years ago.
YY: Good point. So, world peace, huh?
YY+X: Yeah - it was surprisingly simple, actually.
YY: Interesting. Nice work!
YY+X: Thanks :-) I really couldn't have done it without you.
YY: Yes. Kudos to myself as well.
YY+X: But you didn't do anything yet!
YY: Obviously *something* I'm doing now is helping... I assume this blog helped?
YY+X: Actually, the next three posts are going to be surprisingly crucial, considering the subject matter...
YY: Profanity, Anti-Semitism, and Prostitution?
YY+X: Oh, you're doing those next? Never mind...
YY: Oh. Well I'm going to post them anyway.
YY+X: You know, I don't really remember being such a jerk ten years ago. Are you sure you're YY+X-X?
YY: Quite sure. Are you sure you're YY+X?
YY+X: Oh my, yes. Anyway, I have to go back to cleaning up my "Space Trailer". You know, in ten years, you're going to be living in a trailer park in outer space.
YY: Well, that sucks.
YY+X: Save it for your profanity post, dude.
YY: Yeah, take care yourself.
(YY+X has left the... spacetime instance)

Well, that was singularly unpleasant, wasn't it? But not particularly surprising. Anyway, here's looking forward to many more years of YodaYid!


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